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All About Me

Peter Jurik was born in Czechoslovakia. During his youth, he and his family embarked on a journey of escape from their homeland, leaving behind all their possessions and seeking refuge in Austria. This decision was prompted by the increasing aggressions of the Soviet Union, occurring just before the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia.


Peter has since made his home in Canada and presently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is renowned for his remarkable talent in creating realistic watercolor paintings and pencil drawings, marked by an exceptional level of detail.


His artistic repertoire spans a wide range of subjects, encompassing classic automobiles, sports, nature, wildlife, and iconic figures such as Bob Hope, The Rolling Stones, Walter Payton, Gordie Howe, Pavel Bure, Dave Barr, Payne Stewart, John Daly, Mike Weir, Amy Winehouse, and President Obama. Additionally, Peter specializes in digitally enhancing collectible, vintage, and high-end cars, making these striking images available for purchase.


Peter's artistic contributions extend beyond the canvas, as he has produced artwork for esteemed entities like CBS Records, FOX Radio, Boston Pizza, Molson Brewery, and Earls Restaurant. Furthermore, his talents have graced the collections of private individuals and have been instrumental in supporting numerous charitable causes.


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